What is a crypto Airdrop and where do you find them?

What is a crypto Airdrop?

Cryptocurrencies have experienced a real increase within the last 2 years. New Coins are coming onto the market progressively and in big numbers. However there may be often the possibility of getting a few tokens for free. The free allocation of tokens is called an airdrop. Such airdrops arise more frequently than common with new cryptocurrencies, so what is a crypto airdrop and where do you find them?

What is a crypto Airdrop and where do you find them?

An airdrop usually gives you a cryptocurrency or other assets such as NFTs. Once in your possession, they behave just like any other cryptocurrency. You can trade them on different exchanges.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

In the crypto ecosystem, the term “airdrop” refers to the release of digital assets to the public, which has become very common.

However, airdrops are also often used as a marketing tool to raise awareness of the coins to be distributed and to market the coin, or as a method of maintaining one’s own ecosystem. Unknown startups often use airdrops to attract the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. As a user, you can definitely benefit from these free airdrops.

Where do you find Crypto Airdrops?

You often have to search for such airdrops your self. At the moment there are several websites on the web that list airdrops.

We have listed the best airdrop websites for you:

There are certainly more websites where you can find free crypto airdrops, but we have listed the three most common ones in our opinion. From time to time exchanges like Binance also run airdrops on their platforms.

There are also often airdrops listet on Coinmarketcap:

So as a user you can definitely benefit from free crypto airdrops and maybe even make a profit if the respective projects are successful.