How to use Biswap? Step by Step

Trade or swap your token on Biswap is very easy compared to trading on most exchanges. But before you can trade on Biswap you will need a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet like Metamask. You will also need some BNB tokens in your Wallet to trade with. Once you got all of this done we can now have a look at how to use biswap.

How to use Biswap?

Connect your BNB Smart Chain Wallet to Biswap:

  1. Go to the exchange website here.
  2. Unlock your BNB Smart Chain wallet by clicking Connect Wallet in the top right-hand corner.
Connect Wallet Biswap

After clicking connect wallet you can choose your preferred wallet. Your wallet will most likely ask you if you want to give access to data like “See address” or “Account balance”. This has to be done otherwise you can not use Websites like Biswap. But always be careful and make sure that you are using the right website adress!

You now have full access to all features like:

  • Token swap
  • Liquidity pools
  • Farms
  • Ido
  • Staking
  • Nft
  • and more

Swap Binance Smart Chain Tokens

  1. Click on Trade in the top left navigation.
  2. Click on Exchange.

Now you are on the decentralized exchange of Biswap. If necessary connect your wallet as described above.

3. Choose the token you want to swap from the dropdown menu. The default setting is BNB.

Biswap BNB token

4. Choose the token you want to swap to in the next dropdown menu. Than type an amount for your Token currency. It is automatically calculated how much BNB is required for this.

Swap Token

5. Check all the details accordingly, and click the Swap button.

6. A new window will appear. Check if the details are correct and click Confirm Swap. Your wallet may ask to confirm this action!

Confirm Swap

You will now receive the confirmation for your swap and you have successfully carried out a token swap on a decentralized exchange.