Bitcoin Browser Mining Made Easy

Bitcoin Browser Mining Made Easy

With the strong price increases in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, so-called “crypto mining” is also becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the numerous hardware miners that are available for purchase, there is also the option of mining bitcoin in your web browser. Bitcoin Browser Mining made easy by Cryptotab.

What is Cryptotab Browser?

Cryptotab is a free extension for your computer’s web browser. This extension uses unused computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies. The software runs in the background when the web browser is open.

You can download Cryptotab for free and install it directly from HERE.

After downloading the Cryptotab Browser you can directly log in into your dashboard.
The mining speed determines how much you can earn. The higher this is set, the more can be earned, but this also consumes more performance of the CPU used.
So if you want to work on the PC at the same time, the CPU usage should not be set to the highest value.

How is Bitcoin browser mining made easy?

The Cryptotab browser extension mines the Monero XMR cryptocurrency in the background through the web browser on your computer or mobile. Cryptotab converts this cryptocurrency directly into Bitcoin and credits it to each miner.

Can i mine Bitcoin on my mobile phone?


You can download Cryptotab for Android HERE.

Cryptotab Android

If you use the browser on your PC or mobile phone, you should be aware that your own computing capacity is used, which causes higher electricity costs.

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