The Best Reddit Cryptocurrency Links

Best Reddit Cryptocurrency Links

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Reddit cryptocurrency links for staying up-to-date on all things of crypto. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are some of the hottest topics on the internet right now. And Reddit is one of the best places to find quality information and discussion on these topics.

The Best Reddit Cryptocurrency

If you’re looking for the best Reddit cryptocurrency links, you’ve come to the right place. From news and discussion threads to technical analysis and price predictions, there’s a wealth of information to be found on Reddit.

So whether you’re a crypto novice or a seasoned trader, be sure to check out these great links.

List of the best Cryptocurrency Subreddits

  • /r/CryptoCurrency – This is the big one. If you want to discuss anything and everything related to cryptocurrency, then this is the subreddit for you. There are no real rules here other than don’t be a jerk, so feel free to post whatever you like.
  • /r/BitcoinBeginners – subreddit is the place for you! This community is full of users who are new to cryptocurrency and want to learn more about how it works. You’ll find everything from beginner guides to in-depth discussions about the latest developments in the Bitcoin community.
  • /r/Cryptocurrencies –  is a subreddit about all things cryptocurrency. This includes discussions on all aspects of digital currency, from trading to mining to blockchain technology. You can also find threads about projects that use or seek to use cryptocurrencies, news and events related to cryptocurrencies, and more.
  • /r/CryprocurrencyNews – is dedicated to everything crypto, from news and announcements to discussions and questions. You’ll find everything you need to know about digital currencies and the blockchain technology that underlies them.
  • /r/Buttcoin – is a Reddit community with a focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Members of the community discuss news, tips, and tricks related to cryptocurrencies and also share photos, videos, and stories related to bitcoin.
  • /r/CryptocurrencyICO – This subreddit is home to discussions and information about all types of ICOs, including blockchain, digital currency, and security tokens. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest ICOs, then this is the subreddit for you.
  • /r/cryptocurrencymemes – This subreddit is home to a variety of funny and entertaining imagesrelated to the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to learn more about the latest trends in crypto-currency, this subreddit is a great place to start.

Cryptocurrencies on Reddit

  • /r/Bitcoin – As the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s no surprise that there is a subreddit dedicated to Bitcoin. Here you’ll find informations such as news, analysis, and discussion about Bitcoin.
  • /r/BTC – is a subreddit that is dedicated to discussing Bitcoin. It is a great resource for information about Bitcoin, as well as discussions about the cryptocurrency. It is frequented by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts.
  • /r/Ethereum – If Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency, then Ethereum is the queen. This subreddit is devoted to all things Ethereum, from news and price analysis to dapps and smart contracts.
  • /r/Litecoin – is a popular subreddit about all things related to Litecoin. This includes news, discussions, technical information, and anything else you might need to know about this exciting digital currency. If you’re new to Litecoin, this is the place to start.
  • /r/Cardano – is a community of Cardano enthusiasts who share news, ideas, and insights about the Cardano cryptocurrency. The Reddit community is lively and engaged, with discussions spanning everything from development updates to trading advice.
  • /r/Dogecoin – in short, this is a great place to learn about Dogecoin and the latest news. It’s also a great place to share your Dogecoin experiences with other users.
  • /r/Tether – If you’re looking for information about /r/Tether, the subreddit is the place to go. This is a community dedicated to everything Tether.
  • /r/Ripple – For all things Ripple (XRP), the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Over 350,000 subscribers make this one of the most popular altcoin subreddits out there.
  • /r/Monero – is a community of people who are interested in the Monero cryptocurrency. This community is very active and provides a lot of valuable information about Monero. They also have a dedicated subreddit for discussing all things Monero.

Crypto Trading Subreddits

  • /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading – This subreddit is home to all things cryptocurrency related, from trading tips to analysis of the latest market movements. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading is definitely the place for you.
  • /r/ETHTrader – subreddit is a community of users who trade Ethereum. They provide tips, tricks, and advice for trading Ethereum based on their own experiences. The community is active and provides helpful information for anyone who wants to learn how to trade Ethereum.
  • /r/CryptoMarkets – This is the perfect place to find news, discussions, and advice on the best ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. The community here is knowledgeable and engaged, and they are always willing to help newcomers understand the space.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Subreddits

  • /r/Binance – This community is full of users that commit and trade on the exchange. They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of Binance and are always willing to share their insights and opinions. They also take the time to answer any questions that members of the community may have.
  • /r/Coinbase – is a popular subreddit with over 210,000 subscribers. The community is dedicated to understanding everything related to cryptocurrencies, from trading tips to analysis of industry trends.
  • /r/Crypto_com – is a community dedicated to discussing all things about the exchange. It is a place where users can learn about new technologies, exchange ideas and discuss strategies, and more.

NFT Subreddits

  • /r/NFT – subreddit is a repository of all things NFT. This includes information about the technology, news and discussions related to the topic, as well as tutorials and how-to guides. You will also find discussion forums and resources for developers who want to create applications that use NFTs.
  • /r/Opensea – is a subreddit about the OpenSea project.and is a great place to learn about the project, ask questions, and share information.

Other Reddit Cryptocurrency Links

  • /r/CoinMarketCap – is a subreddit about tracking the performance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The subreddit has more than 35,000 subscribers and provides users with real-time updates on prices and movements of various cryptocurrencies.
  • /r/CoinGecko – is a subreddit about cryptocurrency news, analysis, and discussion. The community is actively engaged in discussions on a wide range of topics, including market trends, new coins launching, and regulatory developments. 
  • /r/Defi – is aa subreddit where you can find project ideas, articles, events, questions, support, and other topics related to DeFi development.
  • /r/CryptoMoonshots – is a subreddit dedicated to discussing and analyzing crypto projects. Whether they are new or old, ICOs or pre-ICO tokens, members of CryptoMoonshots want to learn about them all and make informed decisions about investing. But be careful investing in those Projects and always do your own reserch!

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to submit content, vote on submissions, and comment on submissions. Reddit surely has a large user base and is one of the most popular social media platforms.

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Why Reddit Cryptocurrency?

If you’re looking for the latest news and information on cryptocurrency, there’s no better place to start than Reddit. The site has become a hub for all things crypto, with users sharing news, tips, advice, and more on a daily basis.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of crypto or you’re a seasoned pro, Reddit is a great place to learn and keep up with the latest happenings.

Reddit Cryptocurrency Visitor Statistics

One of the more popular topics on Reddit is cryptocurrency. So, let’s take a look at some of the statistics related to cryptocurrency on Reddit.

For one, cryptocurrency reddit has a large community. According to Statista, as of March 2022, there were over 5 million users subscribed to at least one cryptocurrency subreddit. This number is growing rapidly, so it’s likely that by the time you read this, the number will be higher.

Additionally, cryptocurrency reddit is the home of some of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to cryptocurrency. This is because the subreddits are frequented by experts who share their knowledge and help beginners learn more about cryptocurrency.

To learn more about the Reddit crypto community, we analyzed visitor statistics for a period of one month. We found that most visitors are male (68%), 18-34 years old (38%), and interested in Bitcoin (49%). Interestingly, we also found that a large percentage of users are new to cryptos (30%) or have only been following cryptos for a short time (11%).


Overall, reddit is a great source for finding cryptocurrency insights and news.

If you’re looking for a way to invest in cryptocurrencies, then reddit is a great place to start. The site contains a wealth of information on all things cryptocurrency. You can find threads about the latest news, techniques for investing, and even charts that show the price of different cryptocurrencies over time.